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Short Term Weight Loss is a Good Starting Point…

but Balanced Weight Management After Dieting Should be Your Ultimate Goal

There are 3 critical things to understand about weight loss that will help you maintain a stable weight after dieting:

  1. One of the greatest hazards of dieting is losing muscle mass along with fat.
  2. Muscle is required to burn calories. Therefore, when you decrease your muscle mass via dieting, you will have less muscle to burn calories after you return to your regular eating patterns. In other words, you will regain your lost weight. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, dieters regain almost all of their lost weight within 5 years after dieting.
  3. If you start dieting again you will lose yet more muscle, further inhibiting your ability to burn calories.

And thus the hopeless cycle of yo-yo dieting is set…unless you’ve chosen the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

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Welcome to Ideal Weight Loss Solutions!

If you have ever struggled to lose weight, you are not alone; more than one-third of Americans are considered to be overweight and have correlated health issues including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome. That’s where we come in! The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol was developed 23 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, a medical doctor with a PhD in nutrition, sports medicine and biology. The Ideal Weight Loss program is only available through trained weight control professionals and our coaches are always available to stand by you through your weight loss struggles and victories!

What IS the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol?

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is a 4-phase program that stabilizes the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining the essential muscle mass and lean tissue – in other words, it teaches to your body to live off of its own fat reserves as it was designed to do! In today’s world, our heavily processed diet is loaded with saturated fats, sugars, starches, and carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes, snacks and sweets, etc; these products constantly being put into your body overworks your pancreas, which in turn causes your pancreas to constantly produce insulin to process all of that sugar. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is specifically formulated for your body to get the nutrition it needs to run properly – no more, no less.

The body gets its fuel or energy from the three macronutrient sources: 1) carbohydrates, 2) protein, and 3) fat. The carbohydrate or glycogen energy reserves are used up first, followed by our protein and fat reserves. (Glycogen is the form in which glucose is stored in the muscles and the liver.)

After a few days on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol, your glycogen reserves are depleted and your body begins to naturally chew through the fat that it stored as you are not eating those foods that created the fat in the first place. You will start to burn fat but preserve muscle by consuming high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats in the proper amounts to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace; muscle is the engine that burns calories every minute of every day, and by supplying your diet with this essential protein, you ensure that your muscle is not a fuel to keep that train going. Please remember: Carbohydrates and healthy fats are NOT the bad for you! They just need to be consumed in proper amounts.

Do I Have to Do The Program Forever?

No! The program is 4 phases, and it has a beginning and an end – you set your own weight loss goal and remain on Phase 1 until that goal is reached. Health and wellness, however, IS forever. Our clients are successful long-term because of the amazing education and resources we provide throughout all 4 phases of the program and beyond. We will teach you a new way to look at the food you eat and why it is so important so you are successful in this rejuvenated body you have made for yourself.

Do I Have to Do This Alone?

We understand that you are probably frustrated and have tried other methods to get the weight off, and one of our coaches will be with you every step of the way to your ideal weight and overall wellness. We provide personalized one-on-one coaching sessions to provide the support you need on your way to success. Your victories are our victories!

Is Weight Loss Guaranteed? Will It Come Back?

Most weight loss methods fail because the rules are too lax or the method has too much or too little personal responsibility. There is so much misinformation circulating regarding a healthy diet that it is hard to know what to believe and follow! Most diets provide all of your food for you in handy pre-made portions, so the weight will come off; unfortunately there was no personal responsibility in your journey and you aren’t provided with the education and tools to maintain your weight once you are preparing food on your own. Ideal Protein provides convenient pre-packaged formulated foods to remove a lot of the guesswork, as well as detailed guidelines for the food you are responsible for cooking on your own throughout your journey. As you go through the phases of the program, you are taking more and more responsibility for yourself with the tools we give you to succeed. As long as you follow the program exactly as it is designed, you will successfully lose that weight and maintain that healthy body you have worked so hard for.

Contact us today, to register for one of our weight loss information sessions and discover how you can lose weight and learn how to maintain a stable weight.

The Protocol

Our medically developed weight loss protocol and smarter lifestyle choices education offers dieters what they really want…a structured program that can put an end to constant dieting.



Ideal Weight Loss Solutions is Authorized to Use the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol and Products. The testimonials on this website are those of the individual that is identified, you should not necessarily expect to receive these results. Typical results vary from person to person and individual to individual when the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol is followed properly. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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